a mistake  another mistake

yet another mistake  geez... this guy sure makes mistakes!

Every time I use the camera there is at least one mistake .. and it's usually aimed at my feet (but not always).

Chiahuahua Mexico  Museo de Pancho Villa  Museo de Pancho Villa

While watching A&E's Biography program on Pancho Villa, I remarked out loud "Hey, I've been there" (and I got pictures to prove it!).  All three pictures are from Chihuahua, Mexico.


These pictures were taken in Creel, on the route of the Copper Canyon train.  Note the height of the doors.  We were walking out of the shop and were met with two girls shouting "peso, peso, peso."  Their mother scolded them for pestering us.  I asked if I could take their picture and their mother obliged by having her daughters pose for me (she wasn't aware that she got into the picture herself).

We ended up stranded overnight on the train in the middle of nowhere because another train further up the tracks had derailed.  The next morning I walked to the middle of a trestle (with a river rushing about 50 feet below and no railing on either side) and caught my most memorable picture of our trip to the Copper Canyon.

a chicken

A picture of a chicken taken from the train (yeah, like I was really interested in the marijuana growing wild along the tracks).

The train stops in Divisidero, which is the only place you get to stop and view the Copper Canyon along the ride.

The cantina in Topolobampo where I spent the afternoon listening to the radio with the bartender...  I had jumbo shrimp and beer ("ĦUna mas cervesa, por favor!").

1957 Nash Metropolitan Convertible

Okay... so I was, like, 25 and I had this Nash Metropolitan convertible and, like, was a really skinny dude from Boulder Colorado with hair that matched my socks.  Like seriously.  Okay?

Katydid 1 

Katydid 2 

Katydid 3 

While getting the mail one still afternoon, I had this sense that the leaves on the neighbor's lantana were moving.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed this katydid on one of the leaves.  I thought it was pretty cool how the little guy just seemed to blend in.

An old truck which belonged to former neighbors Jerry and Iris, who have since passed away.

Another former neighbor, Geno, spent what seemed like an eternity taking down a dying sycamore tree.  I kept seeing this odd nature versus civilization view and finaly decided it was time to take a picture before he had the tree down forever.

People laugh when I tell them I used to live in a black house...  The house was originally built as a weekend cabin.

It wasn't always black (original color was forest green).  B/W picture taken in about 1927.


Some of my former neighborhood's "children"


No comment on why I did the following

Photoshopped Eniac
QED and his Sister QED, with Eniac

Photoshopped manatee
She has such pretty eyes...

Altered Wolly Willy toy
R.I.P. Billy Mays - most annoying pitchman in television history