Miguel joined my household on August 26, 1999 at the age of five months, catapulting me into my latest position: BirdJanitor®.

Miguel was hand-raised by the folks at Birds Plus - 14041 Burbank Boulevard, Van Nuys, California 91401 - (818) 901-1147.  I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to add a feathered child to their family.

Mischa and Simba were never the same... and they probably never forgave me, nor did Callie, for adopting a bird as big as they are!.  We're still working on "here kitty, kitty."

Miguel vs. the Taco Bell Chihuahua

"ˇYo quiero Chihuahua!"

The Chihuahua Lost...

"ˇYo comer Chihuahua!"

Miguel Takes Flight

Bird or Ham... you be the judge

Miguel Diego with Diego Rivera

Miguel Joins The Village People

He learned all the words to "YMCA" in about five minutes...
(don't all kitchens have mannequins?)

Miguel with Monica Lewinsky in Marlboro Country
Come to where the flavor is!  Come to Marlboro Country.

Miguel with Bob

Furby product placement is purely coincidental

Miguel makes a new friend

(don't all living rooms have mannequins?)

Edible Barbie

Look mom, no hands... Miguel enjoys finger food!

The love affair didn't last...

Probably the coolest picture I've ever gotten of Miguel

Miguel supervises construction of his web page